How It Works

Vet Commander is a place for veterans, employers, and supporters to network, connect, and attend local veteran events. Veterans can build their own profile, network with verified employers, interact online after events, and apply for awesome jobs using our online video interview platform.

Step 1. Search Local Networking Events

Start your search on Vet Commander to find your local area networking event. Once you find an event you want to attend, use our one-click registration with LinkedIn, Facebook, or our simple registration form.

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Step 2. Translate Your Skills

Learn how to translate your skills by watching videos posted by employers and veterans, or login to your account and use our skills translator for your resume and online profile.

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Step 3. Network & Stay Connected

At the events, you'll be able to meet other veterans, support advocate groups, and employers. Stay connected after the event by logging in and viewing all the networking event attendees.

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Step 4. Get Support & Practice

Practice your interviewing skills with our mock-interview video platform. Choose a veteran support advocate that will help you throughout the hiring process, finance, education, and more. Use our free tools and resumes, read questions and answers.

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Step 5. Apply For Quality Jobs

Search thousands of jobs on Vet Commander, apply to jobs quickly by answering employer's questions using our new veteran video platform.

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