Our Mission:

To re-imagine the job seeking and hiring process by connecting America's Veterans with America's Small Businesses through quick, candid, and pre-recorded video interviews, that create a personal connection for employers and provides valuable insight to a veteran's personality, professionalism, and character.


About Us

Vet Commander was co-founded by two Marines: Blake Hogan and Davis Dolezal

The Right Persona

Vet Commander combines high-tech with a little hustle to create authentic connections using the latest video technology. This provides small businesses with deeper insight into a Veteran's value and character.

Why Vet Commander? 4 1/2 years of research, quality candidate discovery, built on feedback, and driven to provide REAL solutions: These video response sessions bring the traditional office interview to a whole new level. Enjoy the convenience of your own terms, at the right time, all while creating a personal connection with veterans.


Our Story

It all started back at the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans Conference in Dallas, TX: Blake and Davis, former Marines, had their very own ideas of what they thought (at the time) would make them happy entrepreneurs, until Davis and Blake met, and realized they shared one amazing vision...Veterans, Videos, AND JOBS. After collaborating on their new-found, and shared passion, Vet Commander was born!

Re-imagining the Veteran Network


Say goodbye to the black hole: Submit your resume with confidence and receive i​m​med​i​ate feedback through Vet Commander and on-going support from veteran advocate groups.

Advocate Groups

Stay connected with your veterans and help them find a job: Spend less time reaching out and more time staying engaged.


Less searching and more hiring: Vet Commander created a 'smart search' just for you.


The Pursuit of Awesome Jobs

Command Search

The perfect harmony, where employers and recruiters connect with the right candidate quickly.

Mock Interviews

Veterans can take a few practice swings before stepping up to the plate. Hone your skills and prepare for employers questions.

Communicating Value

Creating a personal connection through video allows veterans the opportunity to share their experiences beyond a boring resume.

Create Your Own Brand

Connect with employers through video. You're more than just a resume.

Accurate and Friendly

Discover more opportunities with a more accurate job search.

Strategy. Did we say that?

Vet Commander provides mock interviews to help prepare each veteran for real interviews with employers.

We would like to work with you

Vet Commander is seeking out new partners to share and influence our passion for veterans and jobs. If you or your company would like a little "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Awesome Jobs!", then drop us a line.


Coming to a city near you!

Hey Vets, Advocates, and Small Business Owners; come join Vet Commander for a VetWorking Event at the Historic Elks Lodge on June 21st. The event takes place from 12-3pm for VetWorking and 3-7pm for the Buy a Vet a Beer Happy Hour.

Join us on July 19th for a little Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Awesome Jobs! Elevation Chophouse in Kennesaw, Georgia is hosting our next Vet Commander Networking Event. Employers, Veterans and Advocates: Join us from 1 - 4 pm for a bit of vetworking.

Announced Soon.


Questions? The Commander Team is here to help!

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